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Why It’s A Risk To Fit A Solid Roof Without Building Regulations Approval

Because you’ve spent so much time at home over the past few weeks, we imagine that you will have used your full allocation of living space that you have, including your conservatory, if you own one. 

Conservatory owners who have spent little or no time in their extension due it feeling excessively hot during the warm spells we have experienced in lockdown, should really look to get the roof replaced to resolve this issue, once this is all over. Not just with any replacement roof though, but preferably a solid roof. 

Before you get one organised, you must find out if you will need building regulations approval. It’s a difficult one as some local authorities say you do and others say you don’t. 

It often comes down to whether adding a solid roof will have a detrimental impact on the structural integrity of the conservatory – is the current framework strong enough to cope with its weight?

Most of the solid roof systems available are very lightweight, but they can get heavy when covered in thick snow. 

The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF), the industry’s leading trade association, states that fitting a solid roof changes the original status of a conservatory and therefore, guidance should be sought from the relevant local authority building control team. 

One of the great things about having Visual oversee your solid roof installation is that we are well used to getting through any hurdles to ensure it’s completely fit for purpose. 

Don’t listen to any company that claims you definitely won’t need building regulations approval for a solid roof, without evidence to back it up. 

Not having a building regulations certificate for a solid roof could make it hard to sell your home. It’s a document that will be requested from you by the solicitor of a buyer as they will want proof that it satisfies building regulations. If you don’t have the certificate and it’s putting a block on a sale, you will have to apply for retrospective building regulations approval from LABC (Local Authority Building Control), and who’s to say they will grant it?

It’s much wiser to have the permissions you need from the very beginning, when required, as it gives you a guarantee of the solid roof putting extra value onto the cost of your home. 


Visual can fix you up with a solid roof and have the final design organised whilst we’re in lockdown, so get an order in for one today. 


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