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How To Make Your Conservatory Cool In Summer

The weather hasn’t quite yet hit the heights of last summer’s record-breaking heatwave, but temperatures have been pleasantly warm over the past couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, hot weather will be more of a curse than a blessing if you have an old-style conservatory that really burns up inside in warm conditions, a nightmare scenario if you love using your extension across the summer months.

If you’re faced with no other choice but to abandon your conservatory in summer, you shouldn’t wait for autumn to arrive to return to the space as you can fix the problem NOW!

The first place you should target is the roof, and then there are further courses of action you can take to make your conservatory useable in all types of weather…

Have your old roof removed and exchange it for a solid roof

If your conservatory overheats, we would put good money on it that the structure contains a traditional glass or polycarbonate roof. To put it in simple terms, these roofing systems offer poor temperature control, causing more heat to get in than you would like.

When you have the relevant permissions, you can exchange your existing roof for a solid roof replacement.

The various layers of insulation within the tiles / slates will help to minimise heat transference and generate a consistently comfortable internal temperature.

When the weather turns bad, these tiles / slates can resist it. They won’t crack or lose their appearance, and their performance levels will remain intact without you needing to do a thing to them.

Incorporate patio, French or bi-folding doors

Is there a section of your conservatory that could accommodate a set of patio doors, French doors or bi-folding doors? If so, don’t waste the opportunity to use it.

Adding any of these door solutions will enable you to open out the extension and let cool air from outside to flood the space. They will also give you fantastic garden accessibility.

If there is a high volume of space within the structure going begging, we would recommend a bi-folding door as it can encompass up to 7 individual door panes. The opening a 7-pane bi-fold will establish is vast.

Cover the windows with attractive blinds

Prior to the installation of your conservatory, you should have been advised of how the position of the extension will determine at what time of the day it receives the most amount of light. For example, a conservatory facing in a westerly direction will receive most sunlight from the afternoon into the late evening.

At times, you will want to shut off some of that sunlight and any time glare from it poses a problem. Adding some made-to-measure blinds to the windows will give you that option when you need it.

There is a very varied choice of blinds you can buy in all sorts of colours and blinds. They can contribute towards the internal décor of the extension.


You will have no sweat finding an energy efficient conservatory at Visual. Our full conservatories range consists of multiple thermally efficient designs that won’t sizzle in summer.




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