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Do You Buy A Composite Door Or UPVC Door For Your Home?

Your existing front door might have been sitting in your entranceway for many years, so if it needs replacing, you must be careful about what kind of door you exchange it for.

Red Composite Doors

It’s not just the colour that’s important, but also the door material, as the last thing you want is for any new door to disrupt the property’s traditional kerb appeal.

Most door buyers find themselves edging towards replacement composite doors and UPVC doors, and in the process, often get torn between these two solutions.

If you find it equally difficult opting for either a composite or UPVC door when faced with a plethora of examples of each in your local Visual showroom, reading our mini-guide to both doors may help:

Composite Doors

The appearance of a composite door is very similar to the appearance of a timber door, and there’s a simple explanation for that – wood is one of the many materials meshed together to create a composite door frame, along with PVC, insulating foam and GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic).

The amalgamation of these materials also makes a composite door extremely thick and amazingly robust.

With a multi-point locking mechanism incorporated into the design, shifting a composite door open when it’s locked is virtually impossible, and you can expect it to insulate your space far more effectively than your previous door.  

Composite doors are more costly than UPVC doors, but the extra cost is justified for what it promises to deliver.

UPVC Doors

A UPVC door unit is basically an insulated steel frame encased in unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (UPVC), which although trimmer than a composite door profile, doesn’t disappoint when it comes to strength and toughness.

The slight sheen that a UPVC door gives off is easily restored whenever it becomes masked with dirt – just get a wet cloth and give the frame a firm wipe to bring the colour fully out again, rather than having to repaint it.

UPVC doors are also good for helping you save energy thanks to their energy efficient qualities. By saving energy, you will also save money on fuel bills, with the cost savings helping to repay the cost of the door.


Hold off making a final decision until you have also spoken to one of our consultants. They’ll suggest the best door solution based on your preferences.    

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