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3 Ways To Make Your Home More Valuable

3 Ways To Add Value To Your Home

Whether you have an urge to move soon or you’re perfectly content with your current home, you should always be looking into ways of improving the property – there’s no such thing as the perfect house.

The principal aim is to make enhancements that will add value. Some enhancements will cost a pretty penny, while others will barely cost you a thing. Either way, they’re worth doing.

If you’re unsure what sort of enhancements we’re referring to, Visual can offer you three examples that never fail to give homes a price boost:

Convert your loft

Venturing up to your loft for the first time can be a revelatory experience – you sometimes don’t quite realise how big it is.

If your loft space is largely unused now, you could convert it into a room of your choosing. Maybe an office if you get to work from home a lot or an extra bedroom. It should be nice and quiet up there.

Any lack of light in the loft can be resolved with the integration of roof windows.

You’re unlikely to need planning permission to convert your loft too. Otherwise, look into having a conservatory added.

Change the use

Add a conservatory

Thanks to a relaxation in planning laws, most conservatories can also be installed without planning permission.

If it’s well-built and the design seamlessly easily integrates into your property, it could add several thousand pounds to the value of the house.

A slight concern for some buyers will be the conservatory potentially being inhabitable at times due to the weather. Quash these concerns from the outset by having a solid tiled roof covering fitted to it, a product that keeps conservatories insulated so that they can be used all-year round.

Fit a solid roof

Tidy inside and out

An overgrown garden won’t go down well, and neither will any untidiness indoors.

Regularly use a garden vacuum to take away any leaves from your lawn, trim your hedges and cut and strim the grass.

Once the outdoors is taken care of, do a bit of decluttering indoors and put away anything that’s occupying valuable floor space e.g. shoes, toys, games, investing in more storage if you need it.

If there’s anything you no longer need, either donate it to the local charity shop or sell it online, or if it has no purpose, take it to the tip.

Tidy inside and out

Visual has you covered for conservatories if you feel a conservatory will be a great addition. Request a copy of our Conservatories brochure to find the right style for the house.

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