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Our Pick Of The Best Conservatory Fixtures And Fittings

Once a conservatory has been integrated into your home by the team at Visual, it will forever be a part of it. So, just like your sitting or dining room, it needs to be kitted out with some fixtures and fittings.

Ultraroof Conservatory Internal Detail

The fixtures and fittings you choose for the conservatory will go a long way towards establishing its whole personality and aid your use of it.

You can interpret the term “fixtures and fixtures” as anything from light fitments and mirrors to blinds, freestanding furniture and lampshades – it has a very broad meaning.

If you’re stuck deciding which fixtures and fittings will be best, Visual has some ideas you can pinch…

Cane / Rattan sofa and armchair

Are you sitting comfortably? You definitely should be when taking in the unique ambience of your conservatory and admiring the external views it provides, either on a cosy armchair or snug sofa.

We recommend that any furniture you buy is made from either cane or rattan as both of these materials won’t dry and split when exposed to warmth as they’re heat-resistant. Wooden furniture will do the complete opposite.

In terms of the colour of the furniture, white is popular as it gives these types of spaces an airy feel, but nothing should stop you from opting for a darker colour if you prefer that, so long as you have light coloured soft furnishings.

Artificial lighting

With summer on the horizon, you will find yourself spending more and more of your time in your conservatory, well into the early hours on some occasions.

Once the sun goes down, you need the interior to be well-illuminated, so your lighting needs to be perfect.

If there is an internal pelmet, you can always have spotlights integrated into it, or how about hanging a chandelier from the ceiling that will capture the imagination of guests the moment they enter inside. Various floor and table lamps would also set the right mood at night.

Laminate / vinyl flooring

A high level of footfall is a near certainty and your flooring needs to be able to cope with it. Laminate and vinyl flooring offers hard-wearing properties, and you could easily mistake its appearance for wood.

Both of these flooring solutions are also incredibly simple to clean, which is great for those times when the floor gets dirty. All you will need is a soapy cloth or mop to wipe away any muck, rather than be stuck with it when you have a carpeted floor that you cannot afford to keep shampooing.


See what kind of fixtures and fittings our customers have chosen for their conservatories and orangeries on our Living Spaces page.


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