How To Create A Christmassy Conservatory

They say that the Christmas tree and any decorations you have should be put up in your home no sooner than 12 days before the 25th December. Folly we say! The beginning of December is good enough for us and is guaranteed to get you straight into the festive spirit.

Some forward planning is needed though and now is the time to do it. Those homeowners lucky enough to own a home extension have a separate area they’ll need to decorate too as you can’t possibly think about leaving your conservatory or orangery bare, it would be almost Scrooge-like.

Installing a suitably-sized Christmas tree in there is a definite no-brainer, dressing it with lights, baubles, tinsel etc. to help it instantly attract the eyes of guests and become one of its focal points. If you want minimal cleaning then we suggest you go down the artificial route, otherwise visit your local garden centre and go au natural. Then think about dressing the rest of the conservatory up.

Setting up fairy lights along the interior frames, lighting a few candles, laying out some tinsel over the sills of the extension, hanging a wreath on the window and stocking up, will all help turn it into a Winter Wonderland.

If the frames of your conservatory or orangery are painted white then a hefty utilisation of the colour red will work a treat and create the perfect Christmassy blend.

There’s also a good chance that you’ll want to have a table installed inside to create a setting for the turkey dinner. It can become the room’s centrepiece when you put a few plates out, crackers, pieces of holly and mistletoe out in preparation for the big day.

Just remember to take everything down no later than 12 days after Christmas to avoid any future bad luck.

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