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How To Get Your Conservatory Ready For Christmas Day

Whether it’s your first time cooking the Christmas dinner or you’re a tab hand at it, you’ll probably be starting to feel the pressure a little bit as the day fast approaches. So long as you’re well-prepared, it will be a huge success. 

Go and get the most important thing of all first – the turkey. Make sure that it is big enough to feed everyone you have invited, and remember the vital accompaniments – cranberry sauce, carrots, Brussel sprouts, roast potatoes etc.

Then you need to decide on where you will host the meal. Our advice would be to have it in the conservatory, if you have one.

It will add some glamour to the day. But, before you start setting the dinner table, the conservatory needs a Christmassy atmosphere to put everyone in the spirit as soon as they walk in and it’s Ho Ho Ho so easy to give it a festive feel.

Create a snowy scene on the windows

Conservatories are predominantly glazed structures, so make use of the various windows and apply some snowy effects to them.

Find some Christmas-inspired stencils with shapes of snowflakes, Santa, bells etc. place them against the windows and squirt some snow spray over them. Just make sure that the spray is removable so that you’re not left with a permanent reminder of Christmas throughout the whole year!

Put down some red and white throws

Once everyone has polished off their turkey, all they will want to do for the rest of the day is veg out on the sofa.

If you intend to remain in the conservatory to watch all the festive TV, leave out some thick red and white throws on the furniture that they can get under to keep themselves nice and cosy.

It shouldn’t get cold in your conservatory at night, but if it does, you need one of our solid roofs.

Get a smell of Christmas in the air

There are certain smells that we associate with Christmas – mulled wine, roaring log fires, cinnamon etc.

If you have a log burner in your conservatory, you’re laughing, and you could also heat up some mulled wine (or have a go at making your own) and hand it to your guests as they make their way to the dinner table.

As for the cinnamon, you can easily get some cinnamon scented candles and light them before everyone’s arrival.


It will be a cracking Christmas in the conservatory for all concerned!

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