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Why A Solid Roof Will Make Your Conservatory Perfect For Winter

Is it your turn to make and host the Christmas dinner this year? You could make it an unforgettable festive feast for everyone by serving up turkey and all the trimmings on an elegantly laid out dining table in your conservatory.

Solid Roof Edwardian Conservatory

If you’d love to do that more than anything, but you’re unable to because you know that during the cold of Christmas the inside of the extension will be tantamount to the freezer aisle in your local supermarket, you can easily remedy that problem.

How? With the installation of one of our solid tiled roofing systems to the existing structure; something we can do after taking out your current roof.

Solid roofs are a swift, simple solution

Each of our solid roofing systems can be customised for your specific conservatory style and the application of any of them will improve insulation no end.

What was previously a frighteningly cold conservatory in winter will be transformed into an oasis of comfort, even when frost or snow hits it hard.

Letting Visual rip out your old roof for a solid roof will be a cause for Christmas celebrations for other reasons too…

Noise Cancellation

Any partying nearby will be barely heard inside your own conservatory as a solid roof promises to minimise the impact of external noise due to the sound-reducing qualities of the lightweight slates/ tiles.

Restored Value

An unusable conservatory is no good to you, and it’s definitely no good to someone interested in buying your property.

When placed on the market, you want your property to have as many selling-points as possible, including your conservatory, and a newly-insulated extension will give it widespread appeal and added value.

Lifelike Slates / Tiles

It’s difficult to tell apart the lightweight slates / tiles used in our solid roofs from traditional slates and tiles as they have many of the same characteristics, including an authentic finish and realistic contours.

A new solid tiled roof will beautifully complement the rest of the house too and help blend the conservatory into it.   


Gift yourself an early present and invest in a solid roof to make your conservatory fully habitable in time for Christmas. If you’re quick, you can get up to 45% off one in our current MEGA SALE.  

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