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The Benefits Of Adding A Porch To Your Home

Have you done anything new to your home this summer, and if not, why not? Improvements can always be made and a good place to target for improvement is the entrance into your home, somewhere that would definitely be bolstered by the installation of a UPVC or brick-built porch from Visual.

Entrance Porch in UPVC Rosewood

Future first impressions of your property will be unanimously positive once one of our very characterful porches has been skilfully integrated into the house as visitors and onlookers will find it impossible not to love it.

And, that’s not the only reason why a porch should come into your thinking when weighing up the idea of making improvements at home…

Improved saleability

Moving house probably isn’t on your immediate agenda if you want a porch placed into your residence, but if you ever do decide to sell up, a porch could be something that convinces buyers to put in an offer.

In a wide variety of cases, porch-less entrances look less inspiring than properties with porches permanently integrated into them as they’re much more characterful.

Improved value

When it feels like the right time to put the house on the market, the inclusion of a porch could make the place more valuable than it would be without one.  

There are several cases of porches injecting value into homes and any estate agent will take a porch into consideration when valuing a property. It is an investment that will give you a lot back in the long-term.

Added storage

Do you have countless trainers, shoes and boots scattered across your bedroom floor and various jackets and coats taking up valuable wardrobe space?

They could be housed inside a porch and it will be a handy spot to store them as you have them immediately to hand when at the door and about to exit the house. You can also dispose of them in the porch when arriving back from being out.


If you request a FREE quote for one of our porches, you will be pleasantly surprised by how affordable they are, giving you extra reason to buy one.






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