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Can Triple Glazed Windows Really Reduce Noise?

When settling down at home after work or at a weekend to watch a bit of telly or to read a book, the last thing you want is to be disturbed by external noise. But there’s little chance of getting peace and quiet when you live adjacent to a busy road, railway line or major airport and you still have your original single glazed windows fitted.

Triple Glazing

The ageing process can really take its toll on traditional single glazed windows as weathering causes gaps and cavities to form and noise can easily travel through these gaps and cavities. You may also have trickle vents which are designed to allow small amounts of ventilation through a window when it’s closed and they could also be letting noise invade your living space.

Soundproofing the windows in some way could make a difference. This may encompass using weather-stripping tape to seal any gaps around the window frame, hanging up the thickest set of curtains you can find or apply secondary glazing to the inside of the windows. However, will all or any of these measures help reduce noise as much as the installation of triple glazed windows?

It all depends on a number of things, including making sure that any triple glazed windows you buy are properly sealed and installed.

For them to have the biggest possible sound reduction impact it is crucial that the cavities and glass panes used in a triple glazed unit are of varying thicknesses as that way they will more effectively restrict soundwaves coming in. Keeping them the same thicknesses will result in a triple glazed window having little or no real effect and will ultimately leave you as disappointed as you are with your existing single glazed windows.

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