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#MakeOneChange To Your Home This National Home Improvement Month

21st September 2020

This September is National Home Improvement month, which means there’s never been a better time to make a change to your home. There’s no project too big or too small, so whether you want to make a few minor improvements around the house or have always longed to make one large change that will dramatically...

Is Planning Permission Necessary For A Porch Installation?

8th July 2020

What’s the overwhelming feeling you have when you look at the front exterior of your house? Does it fill you with pride or could it do with some work to enhance it? Integrating new windows or upgrading your old roofline are just two of the ways to give it an exciting modern makeover, or you...

Homespiration - How You Can Make Your Home A Beautiful Place To Live

22nd June 2020

You should feel a deep personal attachment to your home right now, like never before. If the bond you have with it could be stronger, then there’s work to do on your part.  It makes no difference whether you reside in a small country cottage or large farmhouse, you will be able to do lots...

Conservatory Or Orangery - Which Is Best For You And Your Home?

29th April 2020

Had you planned to extend your home this year or has your time in isolation with the family made you realise you need to extend it to make your home feel less cramped? You can get the ball rolling with planning an extension so that when the right time comes, Visual can come and fit...

Love Your Home - 3 Bits Of DIY You Can Do When In Lockdown

8th April 2020

It’s unusual for us to have to spend so much time at home, but let’s embrace it and keep ourselves occupied whilst we’re indoors as much as we possibly can. We tell you what would be a good thing to do with the time is all those bits of DIY you haven’t had a chance...

Time To Spring Clean Your Extension And Freshen Up The Space

31st March 2020

You’re definitely in the minority if you enjoy cleaning of any sort, let alone spring cleaning; most of us don’t. But once it’s done, you will agree that a thorough spring cleaning of the house is worth the effort and you will be pleased that you did it.  There’s no getting out of it for...

How To Get Your Conservatory Ready For Christmas Day

21st December 2019

Whether it’s your first time cooking the Christmas dinner or you’re a tab hand at it, you’ll probably be starting to feel the pressure a little bit as the day fast approaches. So long as you’re well-prepared, it will be a huge success.  Go and get the most important thing of all first – the...

How To Modernise Your Old Conservatory

21st August 2019

Are you a long-time conservatory owner? When was the last time you made some sort of effort to modernise your old extension? If we’re talking years, or you’ve never updated the extension since it was originally installed, we can almost certainly tell you that your conservatory will have fallen behind the times. Don’t worry though!...

How To Turn A Conservatory Into A Garden Room

13th June 2019

In summer, many old conservatories sit empty for the entire season as they massively overheat, making them uncomfortable places to spend your time. Are you the owner of one of these sorts of conservatories? If so, don’t lose faith in the extension. Just convert it into a garden room to re-establish its original feel. It...

The Government Has Made It Simpler For You To Extend Your Home

4th June 2019

If you have ever thought about extending your home, but not gone ahead and done it because of the potential red tape involved in getting it built, we have news that may persuade you to change your mind. The government has decided to let householders extend their properties with single-storey extensions of a certain size...

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