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Use Our Sophisticated 3D Software To Create Your Dream Extension

28th April 2022

See your vision come to life with Visual’s 3D software, developed to help you create your dream home in perfect harmony with your existing building. When you choose to invest in your home, you’re taking on a big purchase. Understandably, nobody wants to be stuck with a renovation that they forked out thousands of pounds...

Why You Should Make Your Kitchen The Heart Of Your Home

24th March 2022

Imagine owning your dream kitchen without the hassle of moving house – that’s the reality when you choose to enhance your home with a kitchen extension from Visual. Whether you fancy yourself as the next winner of MasterChef or you’re just trying to navigate complicated cooking for a fussy family, a spacious kitchen is key....

How To Brighten Your Home With Colour

14th February 2022

Is your home feeling a little drab this February? With daylight savings over a month away, it’s time to get creative with colour to brighten up your home. There are many ways to enrich your space with colour, paying special attention to your windows and doors, walls and home accessories. Colourful windows & doors  Colour...

Take Note Of These 3 Home Trends For 2022

13th January 2022

As we tend to spend more time in our homes in January than any other month, you may begin to wonder: what’s trending this year in home improvement? Whether you are looking to complete an entire overhaul of your home or just looking to make a few small changes, we’ve rounded up three of the...

How To Get A Comforting Cottage Atmosphere At Your Home

8th November 2021

What thoughts immediately spring to mind when you think of cottages? For us, we imagine a cosy, warm atmosphere, perfect for getting snug in during the winter months.  If you would love to experience a cottage-like lifestyle, you don’t need to live in a cottage to enjoy it as you can just introduce touches that...

How You Can Use An Orangery

15th September 2021

Orangeries are an investment. You should make sure you are taking full advantage of the extra living space by considering all options of what to use it for. Ultimately, deciding on the function of the orangery will influence what size, style and specification you need. It is a decision that should be made first and...

How To Create An Insta-Worthy Door That Will Earn Lots Of Likes

14th July 2021

Property experts and estate agents will tell you just how important it is that your front door looks good.  This message must be getting through to people because if you enter either of the following hashtags #frontdoor or #frontdoors into Instagram, you will see some of the most fashionable doors you can possibly imagine.  These...

How To Get That Summery Feel Inside Of Your House

21st June 2021

  Can the good weather we experienced in early June continue throughout the rest of the summer? We really hope so as everyone deserves it after the last few months we’ve all endured.  We don’t know about you, but we find that a bit of sunshine and those long days we get in summer gives...

Why You Need Some Bi-Folding Doors For That Summer Homecation

15th May 2021

There will be a very limited number of foreign destinations you can travel to this summer, and your usual holiday destination might be off the cards.  No matter. You can always have a homecation with the kids instead, which will save you a lot of money and likely prove to be a similar amount of...

3 Home Trends To Take Note Of When Improving Your Home In 2021

7th January 2021

Did you compile a list of New Year resolutions before the end of 2020? Maybe one of them was to improve your home, and if it was, you mustn’t break it! There’s never been a better time to give your home some attention, so it’s time to think up a few ideas of what you...

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