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Effective Ways Of Heating Your Conservatory This Winter

15th November 2018

In the winter months a good majority of conservatory owners have no option but to completely turn their backs on their home extension and very rarely is it because they have grown bored of the space. The usual explanation is that the inside of their conservatory gets incredibly cold when temperatures outside are low, to...

Should I Consider Triple Glazing More Than Double Glazing?

7th November 2018

Triple glazing wasn’t even a “thing” in this country until a few years ago as prior to then it would be predominantly used in colder countries like those in Scandinavia where it has been available for decades. It was only as UK energy bills began to soar that our nation’s window and door suppliers started...

Five Ways Of Cutting The Cost Of Your Energy Bills

5th November 2018

Debt is the last thing anybody needs at any time, but particularly in the lead-up to Christmas. However, according to research conducted by uSwitch, UK household energy debt has increased by 24 per cent during the last year – this means around £400 million is owed to energy suppliers by customers. It’s a frightening figure...

How To Ensure Your Conservatory Is Useable This Winter

31st October 2018

Thousands of conservatory owners will be cursing the cold weather as it prevents them from being able to use their lifestyle extension over the winter months. Exposure to a cold climate causes a lot of old conservatories to get extremely cold and there’s nothing pleasant about spending time in a setting that leaves you shivering....

Why Does Condensation Occur And How Do I Stop It?

23rd October 2018

We get asked lots of questions about condensation at this time of year as it’s during the coldest months that it most often builds up on the outside, and sometimes the inside of windows. When condensation gets really bad, most typically because of poor insulation and heating, not a faulty window, it can cause a...

It's National Home Security Month - Tips To Improve Your Home Security

11th October 2018

Every homeowner across West Yorkshire needs to be aware that it’s National Home Security Month, an initiative held each October since 2013 to remind homeowners of the importance of home security. It’s a very timely reminder as the UK experienced an increase of 9% in the number of home burglaries committed between 2016 and 2017....

Will I Need Building Regulations Approval To Fit A Solid Roof?

4th October 2018

Solid roof sales are soaring at Visual as householders look to make their conservatories thermally efficient again in time for showpiece occasions like the Christmas dinner and New Year’s celebrations. Utilising lightweight tiles / slates, a solid roof is a replacement roof system for old conservatories, though it can also be ready incorporated into brand...

Fix Yourself Some Finance At Visual

28th September 2018

Money gets in the way of so many things such as when you’re desperate to replace your existing windows and doors for energy efficient alternatives before winter arrives but are unable to afford the cost. Anyone in this predicament has our sympathy, but in actual fact, they may be able to get those windows and...

The Importance Of FENSA And FENSA Certificates

21st September 2018

There are so many home improvement companies locally, never mind nationally, that it can be difficult knowing which firm to choose. What we would say is that you’re less likely to be left disappointed when you appoint a company that is a fully-fledged member of FENSA, like Visual Conservatories, Windows & Doors. FENSA stands for...

What To Know When Adding A Solid Roof To Your Existing Conservatory

14th September 2018

Many conservatories are left empty over winter, collecting damp and the cold because they can’t be used as a living space. An inconvenience to many homeowners, they may be unaware that replacing their existing roof with a solid roof could be a resolution to the problem. Solid roofs are great for improving a conservatory’s insulation,...

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