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Visual Refuses To Be Beaten On Price - Our Price Promise

19th June 2019

Several factors draw customers towards Visual. Our high standards of customer service are one of those factors, and the depth of our product range is another. A further big selling-point of our company is our competitive pricing. We price our products very carefully, rigorously researching the market on a continuous basis to ensure that we...

How To Turn A Conservatory Into A Garden Room

13th June 2019

In summer, many old conservatories sit empty for the entire season as they massively overheat, making them uncomfortable places to spend your time. Are you the owner of one of these sorts of conservatories? If so, don’t lose faith in the extension. Just convert it into a garden room to re-establish its original feel. It...

The Government Has Made It Simpler For You To Extend Your Home

4th June 2019

If you have ever thought about extending your home, but not gone ahead and done it because of the potential red tape involved in getting it built, we have news that may persuade you to change your mind. The government has decided to let householders extend their properties with single-storey extensions of a certain size...

The Backstory Of UPVC And The Benefits It Offers To You

23rd May 2019

First developed commercially in 1935, Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride exploded into the consciousness of British householders everywhere back in the 1980’s during the double glazing boom of that decade – a period in the window and door industry that was the backdrop for the recent BBC TV series ‘White Gold’.   Fast-forward nearly 40 years from...

Get 20 Years Of Guaranteed Quality At Visual

21st May 2019

Giving customers value for money has been a tradition that Visual has upheld since the formation of the company. It’s only right for a person to expect their new conservatory, windows or doors to provide lengthy quality when you consider the extent of investment it takes to secure these types of products. We appreciate that...

Our Pick Of The Best Conservatory Fixtures And Fittings

9th May 2019

Once a conservatory has been integrated into your home by the team at Visual, it will forever be a part of it. So, just like your sitting or dining room, it needs to be kitted out with some fixtures and fittings. The fixtures and fittings you choose for the conservatory will go a long way...

Traditional Or Modern Windows - Which Are You Best Choosing?

7th May 2019

The appearance of your home is very much defined by the condition and style of your windows as they’re such a prominent feature of any house. A well-worn set of windows won’t do the place any favours. Upgrading your existing windows is the course of action you should take if you want to give your...

How A Conservatory Will Transform Your Home

23rd April 2019

Not fully content with your home and feel that it lacks that little extra something? The missing piece of the puzzle that you’re after could well be a conservatory as it will alter how you live life at home forever and transform the place to such an extent that it’ll almost seem as though you’ve...

Is Triple Glazing Worth The Investment?

12th April 2019

Buying new triple glazed windows for your home will mean putting a lot of your hard-earned cash at stake, so it’s completely understandable that you want to know whether it’s all that it’s cracked up to be. Triple glazing has been available in Scandinavian countries for decades, but it’s only over the past five or...

Explaining Cavity Trays And Their Importance For Conservatories

5th April 2019

We wouldn’t expect a customer to have any awareness of cavity trays and their purpose, but they need to know about them if they are planning to have a conservatory fitted at their home. Containing a number of trays, it’s an internal moisture or water barrier designed to stop rainwater penetrating a cavity wall and...

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