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How To Heat Your Home This Summer

4th February 2016

Life flies by at such a rapid pace that the months seemingly vanish and before you know it summer will have arrived. You may be one of the millions of householders who have found it difficult to cover the cost of energy bills during the cold freeze and will be thankful of the arrival of...

How Your Home Can Help You Win Back Christmas

12th January 2016

We are all guilty of overspending at Christmas, it is almost impossible not to. Present buying, food shopping, drink purchasing, it all adds up. As a consequence, you may be feeling the pinch at the moment and having to endure a quiet few months to recoup some of the money you spent. There are certain...

5 Ways To Get The Perfect Conservatory

8th December 2015

The dream home improvement measure for many UK householders is the installation of a conservatory at their residence so that they have an extra area to relax and socialise with family members. Having a home extension of this kind can also increase the valuation of a property. By how much depends on you having the...

How To Keep Those Energy Bills Affordable

4th November 2015

When you are lacking in energy and in need of a pick me up to refresh your body and mind there is nothing like having a nice long shower. It is very easy though to spend more time in the shower than you intended which will impact on energy bills. Spending even a minute or...

5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Windows Need Replacing

6th October 2015

Replacing the existing windows in your home is something you will only usually do once in your lifetime and timing is everything. Neglecting to switch your old windows at the point at which they longer perform at their best can lead to various problems. But how do you know when your windows have exceeded their...

5 Reasons A Conservatory Makes For A Perfect Home Office

18th September 2015

The multi-functionality of a conservatory makes it an idyllic spot for relaxing on the chaise lounge or savouring the weekly Sunday dinner. You can also utilise it as office space once the structure has been appropriately furnished and accessorised by Visual. We’ve analysed the merits of transforming your new conservatory into a home office and...

5 Ways To Utilise Your Conservatory This Bank Holiday

26th August 2015

The upcoming August bank holiday to some extent signals the end of summer. The kids will soon be back in school, the roads will become more hectic, and colder weather will start to move in, slowly hopefully. You need to make the most of the extra day off work and savour what’s left of summer....

London Apartment On Sale For Record Breaking 75 Million Pounds

8th July 2015

Thinking of moving onto pastures new? Have a spare £75million in the bank? We may well have found your dream new home. A five-bedroom apartment in London’s highly exclusive One Hyde Park complex, the most expensive apartment block in the world, has reputedly gone on sale for an eye-watering £75million. It was previously sold for...

Home Improvements On Prescription A Possibility?

8th June 2015

The NHS is facing its greatest ever crisis since its establishment under the Labour government in 1948. Officially recognised as the world’s largest publicly funded health service, the rise in obesity, lack of doctors and nurses, and growing population are just some of the explanations given as to why the National Health Service is in...

Change Your Habits And Go Green

19th May 2015

We each have a responsibility to protect the earth in which we live and becoming more eco-friendly is much easier and affordable to do than you’d imagine. The installation of green measures such as solar panels is beyond the financial means of many people but you can make a difference in other ways such as...

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